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        Home » Toys & Games » Marvel » Marvel Legends Series » Thor

        Marvel Legends Series Thor

        To the right is the Marvel Legends Series Thor tracker. To be alerted when one of these items is in stock or available for pre-order, make sure to add that item to your account and turn on the corresponding stock status toggles.

        If there is a Marvel Legends Series Thor item you are having trouble finding, please don't hesitate, make a Product Suggestion here or in the Tracker Comments section below.


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        Thor Tracker

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        Name Status1 Last Price1 Last Stock1
        Captain America : Amazon Out of Stock$19.99 Apr 24 - 10:40 PM
        Heimdall : Amazon Out of Stock$19.99 Feb 25 - 1:25 PM
        Iron Man Mark LXXXV : Amazon Out of Stock$19.99 Mar 30 - 11:48 AM
        Iron Patriot : Amazon Out of Stock$19.99 Mar 23 - 11:17 PM
        Marvel's Valkyrie : Amazon Out of Stock$19.99 Mar 08 - 5:24 PM
        Marvel's Vision : Amazon Out of Stock$19.99 Jan 18 - 7:46 AM
        Ebay : All Models Stock Available - -

        Recent Stock History

        - Updates apprx. every 5 minutes.
        Date/Time Status
        Apr 25 - 3:05 AM ESTAmazon : Captain America Out of Stock
        Apr 24 - 10:40 PM ESTAmazon : Captain America In Stock for $19.99
        Apr 19 - 1:59 PM ESTAmazon : Captain America Out of Stock
        Apr 19 - 9:32 AM ESTAmazon : Captain America Preorder for $19.99
        Apr 15 - 4:52 PM ESTAmazon : Captain America Out of Stock
        Apr 04 - 6:13 AM ESTAmazon : Iron Man Mark LXXXV Out of Stock
        Apr 04 - 5:51 AM ESTAmazon : Iron Man Mark LXXXV Preorder for $19.99
        Apr 02 - 12:48 AM ESTAmazon : Marvel's Vision Out of Stock
        Apr 02 - 12:27 AM ESTAmazon : Marvel's Vision Preorder for $19.99
        Mar 30 - 1:34 PM ESTAmazon : Iron Man Mark LXXXV Out of Stock

        Tracker Comments

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