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        The Simpsons

        LEGO The Simpsons™

        To the right are the LEGO The Simpsons items we are currently tracking. Please note, since this line has yet to release, please make sure you have enabled pre-order alerts!

        If there is another LEGO The Simpsons item you are having trouble finding, please don't hesitate, make a Product Suggestion.

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        "It worked! It actually worked! I've been looking for the Leap Pad for my little girl since Black Friday. I've been to store after store. I've had family members checking stores. I've checked several websites, a few times a day. I came across a post where someone said that they registered with you to find an item. I was skeptical, but I registered anyway. I received 3 alerts yesterday, but unfortunately, the item sold out quickly. I received an alert today and I was on it! My item has been ordered and will be shipped to my home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" -Katina B

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        Name Status1 Last Price1 Last Stock1
        The Kwik-E-Mart (71016) : Amazon Out of Stock$199.92 Nov 26 - 9:52 PM
        The Kwik-E-Mart (71016) : LEGO Shop Out of Stock$159.99 Nov 24 - 8:37 AM
        The Kwik-E-Mart (71016) : Walmart Out of Stock$199.92 Nov 29 - 8:33 AM
        The Simpsons House (71006) : Amazon Out of Stock$199.99 Nov 30 - 6:36 AM
        The Simpsons House (71006) : LEGO Shop Out of Stock$199.99 Nov 23 - 7:11 PM
        The Simpsons House (71006) : Walmart Out of Stock$349.89 Oct 29 - 6:13 PM
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