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        Text Alerting Issues

        March 3rd, 2020

        UPDATE: If you are experiencing issues with text alerts, be sure to check out our recommendation to use TextNow for text alerts.

        Below are the text alerting issues we have been experiencing.

        Our popularity over the past few years has grown substantially. As a result, it appears that we have tripped several flags at multiple mobile carriers when it comes to our text alerts.

        We use email-to-text alerting because of?the sheer volume of alerts we send each?month. Fees to send text messages are?still too costly for this?volume. Trying to cover?this cost, especially when inventories fluctuate so quickly, just does not work out.

        What about using a mobile app and notifications? The problem once again with this approach will be volume and speed. Both Google and Apple can throttle notifications, just like your mobile carrier can.

        As it stands now, below is a list of mobile carriers, our delivery status (Are we sending messages to these carriers?), and the comments on each. MVNO means??Mobile Virtual Network Operator. MVNOs utilize the networks/systems of the major carriers and sell plans on their own that utilize these networks. The most marketed is probably Straight Talk?which allows you to run on any of the 4 major USA carriers networks. Boost and Virgin (USA) are also very popular and are owned by Sprint.

        USA Carriers

        • T-Mobile?OFF (as of 03-03-20 @ 14:20 EST) – We have recently started receiving returns from the T-Mobile system blocking our alerts. It appears once again to be their SPAM filter. The last time this issue arose we were told there was no way to whitelist our alerts. As a result, we are now turning off all T-Mobile alerting and suggest T-Mobile users implement our TextNow solution.
          • MVNOs that may be affected by T-Mobile issues:
        • Sprint?–?ON – there was a period where deliveries where not going through. Since then, it has appeared to clear up, but there are times when we continue receiving “server too busy” messages from them.
          • MVNOs that may be affected by T-Mobile issues:
        • AT&T?– OFF (as of 12-21-18 @ 10:00 AM EST)?– We are currently experiencing blocking from AT&T. This issue began on 11-28-18. This means our messages are not being delivered in a timely manner, or if ever. You can help change this by bringing it to the attention of AT&T Wireless and asking them to allow NowInStock.net messages through. You can interface with AT&T here on Twitter, Facebook, or directly. You can also forward your email alerts to your mobile device by following our Text Alerts Via Email Alerts Guide.
          • MVNOs that may be affected by AT&T issues:
        • Verizon?– ON?– If you are not receiving alerts for Verizon, please let us know.
          • MVNOs that may be affected by Verizon?issues:
        • Cricket WirelessOFF (as of 12-21-18 @ 10:00 AM EST) – See AT&T above.
        • Google Fi?– ON?–? Service is active, however, we have had a few people try the SMS-to-Text via Google Voice with no success in the past. If you are not receiving alerts for Google Fi, please let us know.

        Canadian Carriers

        • Telus/Koodo MobileOFF – Repeatedly encountering returned messages with “Remote host said: 452 Slow down. Too many recipients received this hour”. The best part is we have a very limited number of users?on this network.?We have ceased sending messages to users with these carriers.